Wednesday, September 30, 2015


It was time for the Powner family children to have their annual well-child check-ups. Actually, it was somewhat PAST time, but hey...we get in when we get in. I scheduled all three kids at the same time so we could get it over with.

My boys were old pros. Standing on the scale to be weighed? Having your heart-rate checked? No problem. Following the light with your eyes? Sitting still for the ear examination? Easy peasy.

My daughter, however, was not quite as familiar with such bizarre rituals. What on earth are we doing here? her face seemed to say. These people are crazy.

After carefully watching her big brothers go through the motions, she bravely stepped up to take her turn, not understanding why but accepting that she must.

"Me too?" she said. I nodded and gently prodded her forward.

The usual procedures were performed on her without a hitch. Well, technically there was one small hitch. If you know her, you can understand why her hair presented a bit of an obstacle to getting measured against the wall. But other than that, things progressed nicely.

Then the LPN, Mary Beth Adams (one of the most wonderful people on the face of the earth) came in with a nurse practitioner student who was doing a "ride along" if you will. This student was very pretty and had the cutest little mini-basketball-shaped baby bump I'd ever seen.

My daughter stared at this student's adorable little bulging belly with curiosity and suspicion. I guess she hadn't seen many pregnant women up close before. I could see Little Miss Sassy Pants's mind racing at 100 miles per hour as she tried to process this unusual sight. I could see she had a burning question in her mind.

Finally, she couldn't contain herself any longer. She just had to know.

She pointed her finger at the pretty student and demanded: "You got an apple in there?"

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