Friday, September 18, 2015


I'm glad to see the sun back out today. The last few dreary days have been a little uncomfortable. I mean, who wears sunglasses when it's cloudy? When it's raining?

I put my shades back on this morning with a sigh of relief. Finally, I can cover half my face again with tinted lenses and oversized frames so no one can see the bags under my eyes. No one can see what I really mean when they ask, "How's it going?" and I say, "Good."

My sunglasses protect me from giving too much away. They protect me when someone is passing by whom I don't have the strength to converse with and I pretend I didn't see them. They'll never know for sure. My eyes were hidden, after all.

Disbelief, amusement, concern, lack of concern, irritation, desperation. These can all be disguised by a good pair of sunglasses. Yes indeed, I'm glad to see the sun! Cloudy days are just too darn honest.

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