Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Through thick and thin?

Things have been a little chaotic around here since little LH came to live with us, as you can imagine. There's no end to the bottles and diapers and laundry, and now he has visitations six days a week. Life is full.

Luckily, I have a few good helpers around the house. Patience loves to fetch me things I need from the nursery, and Simon loves to hold LH whenever he gets the chance.

The other day, just such a chance arose. LH was hungry and I needed to make him a bottle but he did not want to be put down. You may or may not know that fixing a bottle with only one hand is a difficult endeavor. So I needed a little help.

"Hey Simon," I said. "Will you hold LH for a minute while I make his bottle? He needs a buddy."

Simon was sitting on the couch, and he smiled and eagerly held out his arms. I carefully placed a crying LH on his lap and Simon gazed down at him with a look of adoration. LH immediately stopped fussing.

How sweet, I thought.

As I walked around the corner and into the kitchen, I heard Simon talking to LH in a soft voice.

"I'll be your buddy," he said.

Oh! That made my heart melt. I paused to hear what else he might say.

"I'll always be your buddy," Simon continued. "Until something more exciting comes along."