Thursday, June 16, 2016

An honest question

On Sunday, we arrived at church earlier than usual, because Andy was scheduled to preach and he had some last minute preparations to take care of. The kids were good sports about it, but by the time the service started we'd already been there for about two hours. We arranged ourselves in our customary pew with a sigh of relief.

First, some announcements were given. Bridal shower Wednesday, June 22. More volunteers needed for the Community Café. Clothing for the Syrian refugees can be dropped off in the foyer. The usual.

Then, something less "usual" occurred. A missionary family we know was attending the service that morning to visit before returning to India to continue their work. Aaron, the head of this wonderful family, was invited onto the stage to share about his family's plans as they prepared to head back to the mission field. He approached the microphone with a big smile.

"I'm really excited to hear Andy preach this morning," he began. "So I'll try to make this brief."

From there, he went on to share about some of the things his family has been doing and some of the changes that are happening in their ministry. His passion was evident as he spoke of the city to which his family would be moving, and the therapy center for children they would be assisting with.

After a few minutes, Simon leaned over to Andy and whispered loudly.


"Yeah, buddy?" Andy whispered back.

"If he's so excited to hear you preach, why is he still talking?"

Well, it's a valid question.